Introduced "POBO Service(Payment be half of)" as a new receiving option for the purchase assessment amount
It is possible to pay the purchase amount by deposit (charge) not only on weekdays but also on weekends

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"Fukuuro" is an online home delivery purchase service specializing in apparel, which boasts over 1 million purchases.

It is operated by Vector Group, which handles the purchase and sale of the industry's largest used clothing fashion, and features free valuation and return shipping, as well as speedy valuation in a minimum of 3 days and expensive purchase because it has its own sales destination. ..

We have increased the number of requests by making it easy to receive packing kits by applying online, and professional buyers carefully assess more than 5,000 items every day.

Introductory service

Please tell us the background to your consideration of the POBO Service(Payment be half of).

In the past, the purchase amount was handled by transfer to a financial institution account, but in cases where the transfer destination is unknown and it takes a long time to complete the transaction, or if you want to transfer not only on weekdays but also on weekends. Requests are increasing and it has become an issue.

Therefore, by preparing a payment option with each company's prepaid service that allows you to complete the transfer easily and instantly, you can now pay the purchase price more reliably and speedily.

The new receipt option for this purchase amount uses the "POBO Service(Payment be half of)" provided by SB Payment Service. Customers who apply for home delivery purchase can enter the prepaid service of the carrier of the "docomo account", "au PAY prepaid card", "SoftBank card" that they are using by entering only the mobile phone number and name as the payment destination information. You can receive the purchase price in the form of a deposit (charge).

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company name VECTOR Inc.



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