LY Corporation (Yahoo! Shopping)

Supports smartphone support for EC sites.
"Mobile Carrier Billing" of 3 carriers can be introduced at once.

The spread of smartphones is rapidly increasing.
Correspondence will be indispensable for EC sites as well.
SB Payment Service has responded to this need from an early stage.
The company's smartphone-compatible "Mobile Carrier Billing" has a reputation for being able to introduce payment methods for three carriers, KDDI, Softbank Mobile, and NTT DoCoMo.

* Reprinted from the case published in "Weekly Toyo Keizai" released on March 5, 2012.
* Affiliation department, job title, etc. are as of January 27, 2012.

Reasons why "Yahoo! Shopping" is promoting the introduction of Mobile Carrier Billing

Yahoo Japan Corporation, which operates "Yahoo! JAPAN," is promoting the introduction of Mobile Carrier Billing for mobile phone operators (carriers) as an Internet payment method for the Internet shopping mall "Yahoo! Shopping."
In November of last year, KDDI's "au Easy Payment" was introduced, and in December, SoftBank Mobile's "SoftBank Keitai Payment" was introduced.
Currently, we are preparing to introduce NTT DoCoMo's "Docomo Mobile Carrier Billing" (as of January 27, 2012. Currently, "Docomo Mobile Carrier Billing" has already been introduced).
With the introduction of these services, users will be able to pay the product price together with their monthly mobile phone charges when purchasing products through "Yahoo! Shopping."

Kotaro Yoshimura Yahoo Platform Development Headquarters Central Development Department 1 Leader

Naoya Tamura of the New Business Planning Team, New Business Planning Office, Consumer Business Headquarters, Yahoo Japan Corporation, explains the aim as follows.
"One of the major factors is the rapid spread of smartphones. Many smartphone users say that it is troublesome to enter credit numbers and account information.
Also, the number of young customers who do not have a credit card is increasing.
I wanted to introduce "Mobile Carrier Billing" as an early way to make it easier and more convenient to pay for product purchases on my smartphone. "

Naoya Tamura New Business Planning Team, New Business Planning Office, Consumer Business Headquarters, Yahoo!

At the time of introduction, the company chose "Mobile Carrier Billing", an SB payment service.
Kotaro Yoshimura, Leader of Central Development Department 1, Platform Development Division, R & D Division, Yahoo Japan Corporation, said, "It takes a lot of labor and cost for us to negotiate directly with each carrier and work out the specifications.
With SB Payment Service's "Mobile Carrier Billing," I thought it would be possible to smoothly introduce the payment methods of the three carriers. "

Mobile Carrier Billings

Services provided

Payment methods

It is a payment methods that allows you to pay the purchase price of the product together with the mobile phone charge.
It is a popular payment method for mobile phone users because it is possible to introduce payment methods for three carriers at once and the payment operation is easy.

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