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Continuous billing (subscription) compatible with media seek, SBPS and CatchBall
Providing credit card payment service "Escolle"! Postpay function will also be supported

May 31, 2023

Mediaseek Co., Ltd.

SB Payment Service Corp.

Mediaseek Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo / Representative: Naoki Nishio, President and Representative Director / hereinafter referred to as “Mediaseek”), which provides system development and digital content, is SB Payment Service Corp. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo / Representative : President and CEO Jun Shimba / hereinafter “SBPS”) and CatchBall Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo / President: Ikuo Hata / hereinafter “CatchBall”) to support continuous billing (subscription) services We have started offering the credit payment service “Escolle” from May 31, 2023.
Mediaseek operates the school management system "My Class," which boasts the largest number of locations in the industry. In order to respond to this demand, we have collaborated with SBPS and CatchBall and started offering “Escolle” as a credit payment service that allows continuous billing. In the future, “Escolle” will also support a post-payment function.

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Features of Escolle

Providing payment and management systems necessary for businesses that want to provide recurring billing (subscription) services

  • The “Escolle” management site unifies the updating of customer, product, and application information necessary for managing recurring billing services, as well as billing and sales management.

Reduces the risk of collection leaks / Reduces the trouble of reminding

  • If Credit Card Payment fails, it will automatically switch to a deferred payment contract to prevent payment omissions *1.

Examples of businesses that can use Escolle

  • Businesses related to real estate, nursing care, and ceremonial occasions where DX is rapidly progressing
  • Sports gyms where the recurring billing (subscription) model is pervasive
  • Cram schools and schools that often adopt a monthly fee system

Background of the birth of Escolle and installed functions

Mediaseek operates the school management system “My Class”, but since the corona crisis, recurring billing (subscription) services have been rapidly expanding. The recurring billing (subscription) market is expected to continue to expand in the future. was the challenge. Therefore, Mediaseek has collaborated with SBPS and CatchBall, which are PSP companies, and has a monthly recurring billing function with a credit card, a carryover function for the next month, One-time billing function, and custom attributes and category management functions to support various industries. This has led to the start of the provision of “Escolle”. In the future, in the second phase, we will implement a deferred payment function. After the implementation of the deferred payment function, it will be possible to select deferred payment from the beginning of the application, and when billing fails (when an error occurs due to the expiration of Credit Card Payment, etc.), a function *2 that automatically shifts to a deferred payment contract will be added. It reduces the risk of business and collection omissions, and greatly reduces the business burden on business operators.

About the two collaborating companies

The SBPS payment platform will be used as the credit card recurring billing function, and the CatchBall payment platform will be used as the deferred payment function to be developed in the second phase.

  • Features of SBPS
    1. 1. We have licenses for international credit card brands such as Visa, Mastercard, and UnionPay, and not only as PSP, vetting and management operations, payment services, and fraud detection services. We are superior to our competitors because we provide one-stop service
    2. 2. As a future development, it is possible to provide OMO solutions, such as linking the credit card information registered at the store to "Escolle" for continuous billing.
  • Features of CatchBall
    1. 1. When shifting to an automatic deferred payment contract, even if there is no payment from the end user, the uncollected amount will be paid to the business operator for the billing amount of the end user who has passed the screening of CatchBall, so the business operator has no risk of uncollected payment. can guarantee
    2. 2. You can choose from a variety of payment methods such as PayPay, LINE Pay, Mobile Carrier Billing and CVS Payment

Overview of Escolle

Service name Escolle
形式 Credit card recurring billing service
提供開始日 May 31, 2023
price From 11,000 yen per month (tax included)
運営 Media seek *3
  • *1 Scheduled to be implemented around August 2023
  • *2 Customers must agree to automatic deferred payment contract transition at the time of application.
  • *3 Contracts with SBPS and CatchBall are required for the introducing company.

Company Profile

Mediaseek Co., Ltd.

Representative Representative Director and President Naoki Nishio
Location Shirokane Takanawa Station Building, 1-27-6 Shirokane, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established March 1, 2000
Business content Corporate consulting/system development business, information distribution service for consumers, corporate DX, image analysis/AI business, lifestyle DX, braintech/DTx business, venture incubation
URL https://www.mediaseek.co.jp/

SB Payment Service Corp.

Representative Jun Shinba, President and CEO
Location 1-7-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo Tokyo Portcity Takeshiba Office Tower
Established October 1, 2004
Business content Payment service, collection agency and corporate calculation office work, acquiring (card merchant business) business, issuing (card issuing business) business
URL https://www.sbpayment.jp/en/

Inquiries about payment services

SB Payment Service Corp.

Inquiry form https://www.sbpayment.jp/contact/?argument=3qe9Sa9A&dmai=a5d1c838fbaef4

Inquiries from the media regarding this matter

Public Relations Officer SB Payment Service Corp.

Inquiry form https://www.sbpayment.jp/internal/public/index.php