Reservation system EDISONE

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Find the perfect reservation page Create a reservation page that suits your store's operations "quickly, cheaply, and easily"!


EDISONE (Edison) is a cloud-based reservation system that allows even those who are uneasy about using a computer to easily create a web reservation form. From the day you open an account, you can accept reservations for your restaurant online. We have prepared 7 types of reservation types (forms) so that we can respond to various industries, and we have prepared 6 levels of price plans so that we can respond to shops of any size.
Using PCs, smartphones, and tablets, the functions necessary for web reservations for stores, such as website creation, customer management, shift management, and Credit Card Payment, are enhanced. Equipped with multilingual translation display, China UnionPay and Alipay+ function.

Features of EDISONE


With abundant reservation types, you can use it regardless of the business scene!


With a variety of price plans, you can choose the size of the store you want to introduce.
You can choose the price according to the number of reservations, and you can plan up only during the busy season!


Not only reservation reception and management, but also customer management, store visit memo, staff management, shift management, settlement
Multi-functional reservation system such as sales management, multilingual switching function, automatic generation function of linked parts to existing HP!

Multilingual translation function and pre-payment function streamline front desk operations!

Not only can backyard operations such as reservation management, customer management, and shift management operations be completed with a single system, but the multilingual function can reduce the burden of foreign language support for front desk operations staff.
In addition, the advance reservation settlement function can reduce the cancellation rate on the day and collect the cancellation fee.

Stores with existing homepages issue "reservation buttons" and "iframe embedded tags" on the management page, so you can easily set up a reservation page. Of course, it can also be used by stores that do not have a homepage, and the specifications are such that a simple store homepage with a store description and menu introduction before proceeding to the reservation page is automatically generated just by selecting a template.

I want to introduce a web reservation page from today! When you think about it, the support team will support you until you can start it easily and start full-scale operation.

Please try.

Reservation system EDISONE


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