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SNS operation support for China


We support information dissemination using WeChat and Alipay, which show high usage rates in China.

WeChat utilization support

By opening and operating a WeChat official account, you can send information to many people, including Chinese visiting Japan.
One-stop operation is possible from basic account settings to article posting, advertisement distribution, and effect measurement. We provide all services related to operation, such as creating H5 pages and shooting products.

Alipay Discover

Alipay has a strong image as a payment methods, but it can also be used as a promotion tool by utilizing the in-app function called Discover.
By opening an official page for Chinese visitors to Japan to check shop searches and word-of-mouth, it is possible to catch the eyes of Chinese visitors to Japan and encourage them to visit the store. We support effective page operations such as initial setting of official pages and regular page / coupon updates.

Other overseas promotions in general

Utilizing our bases in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore, we support general promotion to local residents and foreigners visiting Japan. A wide range of strategic responses such as local advertising, SNS operation, and EC construction are possible.

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