Service overview

"Sgrum" provides a service that unifies credit card and convenience store payments within the app, based on contact tools, for many lessons, lessons, and school businesses centered on sports.

Main functions

■ Various payment methods

By introducing credit card payment and convenience store payment, monthly fees and payment management, which used to take a lot of man-hours in school management, have been significantly reduced. In addition to monthly fee payments, payments such as in-school EC and lesson reservations can be completed within the app.

■ Contact network function

In addition to contacting and notifying parents, you can post photos and PDFs with a single touch. Anyway, we have a function that makes it easy, safe, and safe to contact. You can also select the delivery content if necessary.

■ Delivery category (selection)

You can select the delivery destination according to the attributes of the member, from distribution to all members to any group or individual.

■ Emergency contact / safety confirmation

In the event of a natural disaster or suspicious person information where you do not know when, where, or what will happen, you can immediately confirm your safety and make an emergency contact.

SGRUM Corporation


SGRUM Corporation
SGRUM Corporation

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