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Smile tool

"Smile Tools" is a sales improvement tool packed with WEB consulting know-how. In addition to the cart system, it is possible to have everything you need for online shopping with just one "Smile Tools", such as input form optimization / advertising effectiveness measurement function / email delivery / landing page optimization.
In addition, by linking with SB Payment Service, it is possible to continue billing with "Apple Pay," "Google Pay," and "Mobile Carrier Billing," which have never been seen before.

Features of Smile Tools

"Smile Tools" has various functions to meet the needs of merchants.

Smile tool
Smile tool
Smile tool
Smile tool

Available payment methods

You can use the payment methods provided by SB Payment Service according to your merchants.
Credit Card Payment, Mobile Carrier Billing, Apple Pay, and Google Pay all support continuous billing.

  • Credit Card Payment
  • Mobile Carrier Billings
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

* Apple Pay and Google Pay can be billed continuously by the operator using the re-credit API at the billing timing.
* Apple Pay is a trademark of Apple Inc.

Smile Tools


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