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<Survey results> Published the results of a purchasing trend survey on beauty and cosmetic products
Before and after the spread of new coronavirus infection, 52.1% decreased the frequency of purchasing lip makeup

October 19, 2021

SB Payment Service Corp.

SB Payment Service Corp., a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp., conducted a questionnaire survey on consumer trends in beauty and cosmetic products. We will inform you of some excerpts of the results of the survey conducted.

<Survey outline>
Survey name: Consumer trend survey of beauty and cosmetic products
Survey method: Internet research
Survey area: Nationwide
Survey period: March 18-25, 2021
Survey target: 4,377 men and women in their 20s and 70s
Survey source: SB Payment Service Corp.

<Survey result summary>
✔ 67.2% of women in their 20s collect information on beauty trends
✔ When buying beauty products, women first check the products under their favorite brand
✔ Men tend to buy beauty products more often than women
✔ 52.1% of people with corona sickness "purchased less frequently" for lip makeup
✔ Reasons for purchasing from a website or app instead of a physical in-store are "points" and "campaigns"

<Survey results>
67.2% of women in their 20s collect information on beauty trends When asked if they were collecting information on beauty trends, the majority of men and women aged 20 to 29 answered that they were collecting information on a regular basis, with 25.9% for women and 19.3% for men. The result is. Including the percentage of women who answered "I collect information on a daily basis" and "I collect information only when and when necessary", 67.2% for 20-29 years old, 53.3% for 30-39 years old, 40- The percentage of 49-year-olds is 44.3%, which is higher than that of men in all age groups, indicating that women are more interested in beauty trends.

When buying a beauty product, women first check the product with their favorite brand

The first action women take when considering purchasing beauty products is the percentage of women who say "go to a physical in-store that sells your favorite brand" for skin care, base makeup, eye makeup, lip makeup, and special beauty. Was the most common, followed by the percentage of respondents who answered, "View the official website or app of your favorite brand." When a woman buys a beauty product, she first checks the product with her favorite brand. For men, 14.6% for skin care, 6.1% for base makeup, 6.2% for lip makeup "go to a physical in-store that handles your favorite brand", and 5.5% for eye makeup "see the official website or app of your favorite brand". For special beauty, 5.2% "see beauty-specialized web media and apps (at cosmetics, LIPS, etc.)", and for inner care, 9.5% "see EC malls (Amazon, Rakuten, PayPay mall, Yahoo! Shopping, etc.)" The ratio of "" was the highest, and the result was that the first action taken at the time of purchase differs depending on the product.

When I asked consumers who had purchased beauty products which websites and apps they most often purchased, they said that in skin care, base makeup, and lip makeup, they said, "The official website of your favorite brand. The ratio of purchases from "apps" is the highest at 40% or more, and in eye makeup, special beauty, and inner care, the ratio of purchases from "EC malls (Amazon, Rakuten, PayPay mall, Yahoo! Shopping, etc.)" is 45. The most common result was% or more.

Men tend to buy beauty products more often than women

When asked how often they purchase beauty products on their websites and apps, 41% of women said "once every two to three months" for skin care, 33.7% for special beauty, and 32.5% for base makeup. The answer was "about once every six months", and the ratio of purchase frequency of "less than once a year" was the highest in eye makeup, lip makeup, and inner care. For men, 27.8% for eye makeup, 32.2% for inner care are "about once a month", and 28.3% for base makeup are "more than 2-3 times a month" and "about once every 2 to 3 months". , 35.3% for skin care, 29.1% for lip makeup, and 34.7% for special beauty have the highest percentage of purchases "about once every two to three months", and men purchase beauty products more frequently than women. You can see that they tend to buy.

52.1% of people with corona sickness "purchased less frequently" for lip makeup

When asked if the frequency of purchases of beauty products changed due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, more than half of the respondents, 52.1%, answered that they purchased lip makeup less frequently, while 25.1% answered that they purchased special beauty products. The frequency of purchases has increased. " Nowadays, the time to wear a mask on a daily basis has increased, and lip makeup is easily broken, and while the frequency of applying lip makeup itself has decreased because it is hidden by the mask and cannot be seen, special beauty care is provided due to the increase in home time. It is possible that I started to spend more time on my lips.

When asked if the cost of purchasing beauty products changed due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, women found that "purchasing costs decreased" but "purchasing costs increased" for all products. .. On the other hand, 42.4% of men answered that base makeup, 40.5% of eye makeup, and 36% of special beauty responded that "the purchase cost increased", and it was found that men tended to spend money on beauty products in particular. increase. Businesses that handle beauty products are likely to be required to take flexible measures based on the situation of corona, such as adjusting the types and inventories of lip makeup, base makeup, eye makeup, and special beauty products.

The reasons for purchasing from a website or app instead of a in-store are "points" and "campaigns"

When asked about the reasons for purchasing beauty products from websites and apps instead of from physical in-store, 51.5% said they would like to accumulate and use points, and 33.5% said they had great benefits and campaigns. Occupied. It can be seen that consumers feel the benefits and benefits of purchasing from websites and apps. Next, 30.7% answered that "details of the product are easy to understand" and 21.5% answered that "the inventory of the desired product can be found immediately", indicating that websites and apps are required to enhance product information.

From this survey, we can see that there is a tendency for men to be very conscious of cosmetology. Businesses that handle cosmetology products should decide the lineup and inventory of cosmetology products on their website, considering that the purchase frequency differs depending on the product and gender. In addition, as an advantage of purchasing on websites and apps, we can develop website-only campaigns and utilize AI-based skin diagnosis to propose product ingredients and effects that suit each problem. It may lead to improved consumer satisfaction and increased sales.

Please download the full text of the survey results here.

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