What is a Virtual currency?

SB Payment Service's Virtual currency service is ideal for billing small amounts of digital content.
It can be used for online game item billing and content payments such as e-books and music.
We will contribute to the sales improvement of merchants by smoothly linking from smartphone apps and realizing billing linkage without user stress.


merchants can concentrate on their services.

By using our Virtual currency, we provide a total of "member management / login authentication" function together with "virtual currency issuance / management" function, which requires complicated business operations and strong secure information management. It is possible to.
Content merchants can concentrate on the original business of "providing their own services to users."

Virtual currency

Virtual currency

Abundant and flexible charging function

You can use our online payment ASP to charge cryptocurrencies.
You can choose your favorite payment method from the abundant payment methods. Even if you add payment methods after installation, it will be added smoothly without modifying the system of merchants.
In addition, we plan to support auto-charging using the continuous billing function, which can be adopted for membership fee-based content and mobile phone content business models.

Business operation based on achievements

Cryptocurrency management requires advanced operational know-how that cannot tolerate mistakes, such as balance allocation management, refunds, and handling of complaints arising from transactions. Utilizing our many years of know-how and experience in payment service operation, we will reliably issue and operate Virtual currency on behalf of merchants. merchants can focus on membership acquisition, content / service planning and management, and customer support operations.

Corresponds to the fund settlement method

If the expiration date of the virtual currency exceeds half a year, it is necessary to operate in compliance with the Fund Settlement Law. SB Payment Service is registered as "Act on Payment of Funds, Prepaid Payment Method (Third Party Type) Issuer, Kanto Finance Bureau Director No. 00625", so merchants can use the Virtual currency with peace of mind. increase.

List of issued virtual currencies

Virtual currency name Filecoin
Destination site name Tiny! fun! FilMeee, a Twitter-linked app that works
Usage environment iPhone app, AndroidTM app
Introduced company GungHo Online Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Compliant with the Fund Settlement Law Display based on the Fund Settlement Law

Virtual currency name GP (Ganbra Point)
Destination site name Gun Blood Days
Usage environment PC
Introduced company Cave Co., Ltd.
Compliant with the Fund Settlement Law Display based on the Fund Settlement Law
Gun Blood Days

Virtual currency name Creative point
Destination site name Cross tribe
Usage environment PC
Introduced company Digital Hearts Co., Ltd.
Compliant with the Fund Settlement Law Display based on the Fund Settlement Law

Functions provided

Charge (purchase of virtual currency)

It is a function to charge virtual currency. You can choose the charging method from the payment methods provided by SB Payment Service.
The standard payment methods are credit cards, various prepaid cards, and Mobile Carrier Billing. We offer a screen-based provision method.

Payment (exercise of virtual currency)

It is a function to purchase digital contents and products within the range of the balance of virtual currency.
We have prepared a screen and API provision method.

Optional function

  • Status reference

    It is a function to check the balance of virtual currency owned by the customer, expiration date, usage history, etc.
    We have prepared a screen and API provision method.

  • Membership management

    We provide registration / change / deletion / reference functions for customer's personal information and member information such as PIN.

  • account management

    We provide login ID and password issuance, management, and authentication functions.
    We offer a screen-based provision method.

  • Member menu function

    We also have a menu screen for customers according to the functions you use.

In addition, we can provide each function according to the request of the business operator, such as functions such as addition and subtraction of virtual currency by original campaign etc.
The above functions are provided as standard. If you are considering other functions or methods, please contact us.

Provision business

Business design service

We will carry out business design using hearing sheets in order to smoothly link the content service management business of the merchants and the Virtual currency management business.

Cryptocurrency usage report

Every month, we will report to the merchants the status of the charge amount and usage amount of virtual currency.

Inquiries and refunds

We will respond to inquiries, consultations, refund requests, etc. regarding Virtual currency from customers.

Deposit management for unused balances

We will manage deposits to protect unused balances.

In addition, we will carry out necessary business operations according to the business design.

SB Payment Service
Law Concerning Settlement of Funds Prepaid payment method (third-party type) Issuer Kanto Finance Bureau Director No. 00625 is registered.

Application procedure

Please check the installation flow for the procedure from application to start of use.
We will estimate the usage fee (fee, etc.) after asking for details.